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<_script src="https://www.paypal.com/sdk/js?client-id=AbR6qBjAOkMu-9h-K65bwg2cA9WqthYDT_xkvQgeCKJSOmgq9Se_c1z1NQitS_buHJsESDCFAusA_3gW&vault=true&intent=subscription" data-sdk-integration-source="button-factory">



style: {

shape: 'pill',

color: 'gold',

layout: 'vertical',

label: 'subscribe'


createSubscription: function(data, actions) {

return actions.subscription.create({

/* Creates the subscription */

plan_id: 'P-5RB5493602515451JMO2BHZA'



onApprove: function(data, actions) {

alert(data.subscriptionID); // You can add optional success message for the subscriber here


}).render('#paypal-button-container-P-5RB5493602515451JMO2BHZA'); // Renders the PayPal button

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