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Recipes and Inner Pickle

Welcome to Deb's recipe page. I will be posting seasonal recipes (taste tested by Bart!) to inspire your veg box cooking.

Deb with a basket of lovely beans

If you find something in your veg box that you don't know what to do with or want new ideas for a favourite vegetable please drop me an email at info@waysideorganics.co.uk and I'll put on my cook's thinking cap and post some ideas.

We'd love to hear what you are doing with your veg box ingredients, please send us your favourite recipes and we will share them here.


Spanakoriso, a Greek inspired spinach risotto

Beetroot Salad

Roasted beetroot and barley salad

Stir-fried kale and bonus bubble

Elizabeth's delicious date and honey bars

Annie and Patricks' lovely marmalade

Jo's spicy swede soup

Also in production is our range of preserves, conserves, pickles, jams and jellies under the

Inner Pickle banner (all organic ingredients). Yum!

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