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Annie and Patricks' lovely marmalade

This recipe is a long-used family favourite of our friends Annie and Patrick. Try their delicious original version or Bart's chilli grapefruit twist! Check out our extras page for lovely seville oranges, pink grapefruit, lemons and limes.

Makes about 12 jars

2kg/4.5 lb Seville Oranges (available late mid-late Jan)

4.25 litres/ 7.5 pts water

4kg sugar

2 lemons

Jam jars (sterilise by washing in hot soapy water and putting into a low oven to dry)


Squeeze the oranges and lemons and save the juice. Save all the pips and put them in a separate muslin or gauze bag, tying the top tightly. Slice the orange and lemon skin and flesh.

Put the sliced fruit, juice, water and muslin bag of pips together in a large preserving pan. Cook very slowly until fruit is soft (this could be about 2 hours).

Once cooked, take out the bag of pips. Squeeze the bag tightly so that all fluid from pips goes back into pan (this is what will make it set).

Add the sugar to the pan and cook slowly, stirring all the time to make sure sugar dissolves and doesn't stick to the bottom of the pan. Once the sugar is dissolved (you will be able to feel from the spoon it is no longer crunchy on the bottom of the pan), increase the heat and keep the marmalade at a rolling boil for at least 20 minutes (it tends to take nearer 25 for me).

Test for setting point by seeing if a small amount on a iced saucer crinkles when pushed. When you have reached setting point turn off the heat and rest for about 10 minutes before pouring into the sterilised jars (this will stop the orange pieces all falling to the bottom). Allow to cool fully (could be overnight) before putting on lids (by which time you will know if it has set!).

Bart's warm grapefruit marmalade

Bart loves this version with grapefruit and a chilli kick!

Replace the oranges with 7-8 grapefruit and follow the recipe above adding a roughly chopped small chilli (heat to taste) to the muslin bag of pips.

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