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Lovely extras for your box

Check out this page for seasonal specials and extras to add to your box click here or email us to order.

UK Potatoes back available at 1.05 per kilo.

Bananas, organic & fairtrade, are 2.50 per kilo.

The eating apples are Chilean/New Zealand Gala at 3.50 per kilo while we wait for UK to start again in August.

Lemons are back, price on the online shop.

Garlic and Ginger and Turmeric are available as extras!

Organic free range Eggs are available at 2.00 per half dozen. These are medium size eggs from our local supplier Rookery Farm.

We have local Honey from bees that forage on our neighbouring organic farm, absolutely delicious at 6.50lb, please note limited amounts of this though!

If you're keen on juicing, we can offer class one Carrots at 2.20 per kilo.

We've added: Cucumber, Lettuce & Kohl Rabi! All organic of course! All at 1.50 each.

Marrows are also back on!

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